Selling Home Tips for Success – Should You Do a Home Inspection Prior to Putting it On the Market?

First Time Home Seller Tips - Why You Should Do a Home Inspection Prior to Putting it On the Market

Video Transcript:

Should you do a home inspection if you are selling your home, PRIOR to putting it on the market? 

There’s so much to think about when selling and it can be hard to decipher what to do from what not to do before a home inspection. 

Hi, I’m John Garuti with JG3 Homes Brokered by eXP Realty and I am part of the fastest growing real estate brokerage in the world. 

Now that you’ve spent time preparing your home for sale, why should you worry about a Home Inspection? I’ll tell you why. The home inspection is equally as important as your contract offer. 

Almost every buyer whose contract is accepted will do a Home Inspection, even their lender will recommend that they get one. 

The home inspection is designed to evaluate the overall structural condition of your home and all of the mechanical systems. Inspections can either make or break the deal. I highly recommend everyone spend time addressing these issues BEFORE your home goes under contract. It will save you time and money. 

Knowing what repairs are needed and the cost to fix them will factor greater accuracy in understanding your true proceeds from the overall sale. 

Let’s look at the major issues that often come up on home inspections. 

#1 Electrical Issues – Make sure that all outlets, GFCIs and switches work and have adequate power supply. Receptacle box checker is an inexpensive tool that can save time and money. Replace any broken outlet covers. Replace burned out light bulbs to avoid negative commentary such as “Light Inoperable” on the report. 

#2 Water and Plumbing – Check for leaky faucets, wetness under your cabinets in the kitchen, bathrooms, wash room sinks and outside spigots. Look for water marks and rust as indicators of water damage. 

#3 A/C System – Clean or replace dirty HVAC air filters. They should fit securely into the unit. Ductwork should have strong connections. All air vents, exhausts and returns should be air tight and not make any loud noises or humming sounds. Be sure to service your air handler and have up to date requirements. 

#4 Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Replace dead batteries. 

#5 Attend to broken or missing items like: doorknobs, locks, latches, window panes, screens, gutters, roof tiles, downspouts and chimney caps.

#6 – Make sure your roof is in good working order. Holes or leaks must be addressed. 

#7 Doors – Make sure that all of your doors open, close and lock easily. Check weathering stripping and rubber stopping for wear and tear. Garage doors must also have working sensors to pass safety inspection. 

Lastly, #8 Recaulk around tubs, showers, toilets and countertops in bathrooms and kitchens. 

Checking and addressing these areas BEFORE your home inspection is an investment in selling your property. Your real estate agent and wallet will thank you! 

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