Babcock Ranch Real Estate Update 2021

Babcock Ranch Real Estate Update 2021
John Garuti :
The real estate market in Babcock Ranch right now is on fire. So if you want to learn what’s going on with the builders, the neighborhoods here for 2021, watch the rest of this video as I’m going to be breaking it all down.

Hey, it’s John Garuti with JG3 Homes brokered by EXP Realty. And yes, the Babcock Ranch market is on fire right now. We just recently passed 1,000 homes closed in December of 2020. And the goal for this year and every year moving forward is 1,000 homes under contract. Now there’s been a lot of demand and the market here is changing on a week to week basis. The builders honestly can’t even keep up. So I’m going to take you neighborhood by neighborhood. I’m going to talk about the opportunities that are currently available, what’s going on with each builder. So hang on for a ride as we go for a tour in Babcock Ranch. And you’re going to learn about all the opportunities to build a dream home here in 2021.

All right. So we’re here at our first stop, Parkside. This neighborhood is adjacent to Founder’s Square. And so just a little history Parkside basically filled out, but there was still so much more demand that Pulte decided to buy all these lots right here. So they bought another 38 lots. And as of right now, I believe they sold more than half. What actually happened is they started selling the lots so fast that Pulte had to tell the builder reps to slow down. So those guys over there in Parkside have been doing a great job. There will be more lots opening up pretty soon. And Pulte, they do take about six, seven months to build right now. So if you do want a home in here, definitely a lot of options and choices with Pulte. You could get some two-story homes. I’d say you’re going to really top out here in like the low to mid fours.

So I’m now in phase three of Trails Edge, the Lennar community. And as you can see me in the background, there’s a lot of construction going on. There’s still a lot of homes yet to be built here. The big challenge I’m running into when working with clients is that a lot of people are looking for the Manor series homes. So the Manor homes are your larger Majesticas two-story, your Palmetto’s, the largest rancher you can buy here. The Washingtonia, which is the only house model here in Babcock Ranch that has an in-laws suite. So those models, the lots for those are going so fast. And literally as they open up the lots, they are leaving. So you really need to be in tuned with what’s going on on a week to week basis if you’re looking to get into one of those models.

Now Lennar also offers the smaller executive style homes. Again, there are a lot of lots available to build on those. And there’s a limited amount of inventory though. So definitely be wary of your timeline when you want to get into a home. And then there’s also the Twin Villas, which there’s plenty of inventory of that at least coming up in like the next few months. But even that seems to be going. So right now, just Lennar and Trail’s Edge is on fire. So if you want to get into a home here, definitely you need to be on top of what’s going on because it is literally changing week to week.

So some exciting things are happening here in Lake Babcock, right behind me is the Cypress Lodge, which is near in completion. This should be open pretty soon. And behind it, you can see the Innovation Tower. So this is now glowing at night. It’s almost like the bat signal for Babcock Ranch. So kind of cool.

And in terms of real estate, Pulte just opened up 28 new lots here, actually over in the estate section. So those are very close to Lake Babcock, 28 loss to be specific and three new models, the Mariner, the Palm and the Dockside. These are bigger homes. You can get even up to 4,000 square feet. You can do a rancher at 2,500 square feet or add the loft. Some pretty good price points, but I can promise you those lots are getting go very fast. Meritage is also in this section. Lennar has many executive homes for sale here or lots available. And then you have the higher end home builders like Divco, Arthur Rutenberg, Florida Lifestyle Homes, in stock that had those lots on the Lake. Those prices starting at 750, 800,000 and going all the way up to 1.4 million.

Hey, what’s going on? I’m in Babcock National now. So I wanted to share a few updates. Number one, we’ve got the Terrace Towers right behind me. These are the four story condominiums offered by Lennar. So the third one just began construction and they are beginning to sell units in there. So it’s still some good opportunity to get the top floor. And I don’t know if you can see, but right behind it, you’ve got actually the best view in all of Babcock National there of Lake Babcock. You can see all the way across the Lake to Founder’s Square. So really some premium views. If you get on that fourth and third level.

And right across the way here, we have the veranda style condos. So these are two bed, two bath, a den, and an exterior one car garage. As you can see, they’re building a lot and there are plenty of these for sale. And lastly, you’ve got the executive and estate style homes. You can see them down there. So those prices on those homes have been going up like crazy. There’s just been an influx of demand, especially now in January, it’s season, a lot of the snowbirds are coming down and bring in their friends. They’re buying. It’s driving up the prices. So I can’t peer pressure you to coming into buy. But if you’re interested in Bundled Golf, you need to come now because the deals are literally changing on a week to week basis.

And I just wanted to offer you one big tip. There is going to be estate homes going up for sale on Lake Babcock. So these are going to be the only single family homes on Lake Babcock here in Babcock national. So they’re going to be higher end. They’re going to be, high sixes, low sevens, and those are going to be going up for sale soon. So if you want a chance at getting a single family home on the Lake in Babcock National, you better give me a call very soon. Because I don’t know when it’s going to happen, but it’s coming up here in the next month or so.

All right guys, I’m in Edgewater right now. Check out all these lots right on Lake Timber. On the other side of the lake there, you can see the historic district, Lake Timber, the first neighborhood of Babcock Ranch. So little story about Edgewater is they originally put 168 lots in here and it’s selling so fast that they have now started Edgewater two. Those lots should be opening up in May of 2021. You can see there in the background next to that white house, some big diggers working. So yeah, I would say by probably the summer, all of these lots here in Edgewater are going to be sold out so. Why you may want to come by now, is because I know that there are going to be greater prices. There will be price increases by the time they start in May. And a lot of those price increases have to do with demand, the low interest rates.

And I know the big builders have been taking on a lot of material price increases themselves. So all those in combo have been driving up the prices here. And these lots right here go in the larger home series for Pulte. So if you want one of these beautiful lots, a custom home, all your options, you’re looking at about 600K to 650. Not trying to use any high pressure sales tactics here, but these lots are going to go. And right now you snooze, you lose. You’re going to lose the lot and you’re going to wind up paying a lot more money in just a few months time.

Ah, well, it is a beautiful day in Babcock Ranch. And right now I’m lounging out here by the community garden in Lake Timber. So Lake Timber’s the first original neighborhood here in Babcock ranch. Some people like to call it the historic district, even though the first homes broke ground here roughly three, four years ago so. What’s going on in Lake Timber right now? Is that there’s a whole lot of lots and there’s no announced plan for them. You can see some of those lots right behind me. The only builder that I know here active is Florida Lifestyle Homes. So they have a few lots left on Lake Timber. I think about four right now. And there’s also some preserve lots over here. So there’s maybe two, three lots there.

So if you are interested in a nicer home, Florida Lifestyle Home is one of those higher end custom builders here. And their homes are starting in the high sixes and can go all the way up to the eights and nines.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this tour of the Babcock Ranch real estate market for 2021. I just want to emphasize again that if you are interested in buying here, it really does pay to work with a local realtor and resident like myself. There’s a few others here that really know this market well, and I just, I keep running into individuals that are trying to get in here and they just don’t have the right information. They’re working with outside realtors who don’t have the relationships with the builder reps that work here. They just don’t know the prices and what’s going on. So if you are really interested in giving Babcock Ranch a chance and you want to call it home, then please give me a call at any time. I’m happy to help. I live here and I can run out and meet you at any time. (941) 916-2859. Please email me at with any Babcock Ranch real estate trivia that you have. And I’d love to see you out here sometime soon. I’d love to call you my future neighbor. And let’s make it a great year selling some Babcock Ranch homes in 2021.

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