Babcock Ranch HOA Fees Explained

Babcock Ranch HOA Fees Explained
John Garuti III:
Hi, I’m John Garuti, Southwest Florida realtor. I made this video for you, the future homeowner here in Babcock Ranch, so you can better understand the Babcock Ranch HOA fees and how much it costs to live here on a monthly basis.

The first place you’re going to want to go to is This is the HOA site for the town of Babcock Ranch. You’re going to scroll over here to the menu option of Helpful Documents, and come down here to Assessments. Under Assessments, you should find an updated Schedule of Residential Fees. We’re going to open up the 2021 fees. Here is a direct link to see the current Babcock Ranch HOA Fees.

The first thing I want to point out when you open the Babcock Ranch HOA Fees document – on the left column you’re going to see the different neighborhoods. These are Lake Timber, Lake Babcock Central, Lake Babcock North/South, Trail’s Edge, Parkside, Edgewater, and Babcock National.

All of these are various communities or neighborhoods found here within the town of Babcock Ranch. There are different fee schedules and those apply based on your type of house and the amount of footage you have, or the width of your property. If you look here under Lake Timber, you see Alley – 50. There are some sections within Lake Timber where homes have an alleyway behind them, where the garages are. If you have one of those homes with the 50 feet of road frontage, or 60 feet, this is the row that you’re going to use.

Let’s go through just this a little bit more. We’ve got Alley homes SFH. That stands for single family homes. We also have villas. Villas are a little bit unique to Trail’s Edge. A villa is a side-by-side home. You have an attached home. Now, as you scroll down, you’re going to see Villa.2, SFH.2. This correlates to Phase 2. Trail’s Edge is actually wrapping up Phase 2 right now, as of August 2020. In September, from what I was told, they’re going to start selling Phase 3. So you can expect Phase 3 to have perhaps a little bit different fees.

Then Parkside, that’s a Pulte neighborhood. And then Babcock National. Babcock National does have condos. It has coach homes and it also has single family homes.

Next thing we’re going to go over is what happens within each one of these columns. You’ve got the master fee. This is the master HO fee. This goes to the community, right? It goes to the Founder’s Square. All the work that’s done there. All the trails we have here, everything that’s shared by the community, the master fee goes towards that.

Now, one of the great things with Babcock Ranch is everybody gets Internet with their HOA. It’s not only Internet, it’s high-speed Internet, one gigabyte. I get amazing speeds here at my house. I have my TVs directly hooked up into the Ethernet plugs, cables. I get about 500 megabytes per second on my TV, up to 550. Even in my WiFi, I get speeds of up to 300 megabytes per second. That’s such an amazing thing to have as part of an HOA.

So now service area. This is something that differs by neighborhood. This is actually lawn care. Depending where you are, you may not have lawn care, or you may have. I personally, I’m here in Trail’s Edge in Phase 2, so I am paying for lawn care on a monthly basis through my HOA, which is nice. Now, some other neighborhoods again, they don’t get lawn care. That’s something that you’re going to have to pay for on your own once you move in.

The environmental fee, this is just a standard tax that everybody gets.

All this combined, you’ll see the monthly total. Most people are paying… You’re either paying in about $140 per month, or you’re around $250 per month, right now, as of August, 2020. The fees can and do, and probably will change in the future. So don’t bank on these numbers holding true forever.

One thing I did want to point out is that if you move into Babcock National, which is all Lennar, that is our gated private golf course here, you will have an additional HOA fee associated with Babcock National. So this $137 you see, this is really for the town. On top of that, at Babcock National, you’re going to pay an additional $640 a month, I believe, roughly. That goes for your golf membership. That goes for your… You do get lawn care in Babcock National. And it goes for all the private amenities that neighborhood is going to have. Eventually they’re going to be building a clubhouse, a pool, tennis courts, pickleball courts. So just keep that in mind. I created another video on YouTube, reviewing the Babcock National HOA Fees.

The most recent new community is Edgewater. This is a private gated community built by Pulte. The fees there are $340 a month. It’s going to include the lawn care, the Internet, your master HOA fee, but there’s another $90 or so added on there, due to the guard gate and private amenities exclusive to the homeowners in Edgewater.

I hope you found this video useful. While the Babcock Ranch HOA Fees are in line with Southwest Florida, I can testify that we get a lot more than most communities. There is great value in what we receive for our Babcock Ranch HOA compared to many other communities.

If you need help finding the perfect home in Babcock Ranch, or you have any questions about living in the ranch, please feel free to contact me.

I live here, I know it inside out, and it’d be my pleasure to help you find your dream home. Feel free to give me a call (941) 916-289 or shoot me an email
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