Is Babcock Ranch a Good Place to Live?

Babcock Ranch is located in Southwest Florida and is the first solar-powered city in the United States with gorgeous homes, sustainable technology, a local Top 50% school and nearby golf course designed by Gordon Lewis.

Self-Sustaining Gem

The beauty of the community, like a solar panel, is that it is self-sustaining. You can drop your kids off at Babcock Neighborhood School, drive your golf cart over to Slater’s Goods & Provisions market for breakfast and then meet your friends for nine holes at Babcock National golf course. You never really need to leave “the Bubble.”

Go Green

Babcock Ranch is conveniently located in Florida and Lee County, a short drive away from the Southwest Florida International Airport, one of the top 50 U.S. airports for passenger traffic. People that gravitate to Babcock Ranch naturally are stewards to and enjoy the environment.

Residents can enjoy outdoor activities, explore numerous trails that will reach 50 miles once the community is finally completed. They can also view the local garden and visit the dog park.

Babcock Ranch: First Solar Powered City in the Nation

Babcock Ranch is a cutting-edge city that utilizes solar energy, photovoltaic panels and durable batteries. Consequently, the residents can consistently reduce energy costs, decrease carbon emissions, improve the sustainability of the community and protect the local environment.

In sustaining the community, residents also help one another. There are scores of local businesses serving the community and those considering it as a retirement location or place to start a family. Locals include a realtor that lives in Babcock Ranch and has inside expertise of the in-demand market.

Evaluating Multiple Types of Homes

While you are searching for new houses, you can examine many neighborhoods, modify your price range, evaluate the amenities and compare numerous homes. The area contains large villas, efficient houses and several types of condominiums at Babcock National. 

The community has also created a cutting-edge website that could help you to evaluate the design of each home, and once you view the available houses, you can easily sort the listings, determine the size of each home and examine the layout of every house.

Constructing a New House

 The community has hired experienced builders who have excellent reputations. These companies utilize sustainable materials, cutting-edge technology and efficient tools. Once the builders construct a new home, the Florida Green Building Coalition sends an inspector who evaluates the house.

Meeting Strict Design & Environmental Standards

The specialist examines the design of the home, the materials, the appliances and the wires. Subsequently, the expert will provide a certification, and when a buyer is evaluating a new home, the customer could examine the certification, the organization’s standards and the status of the house.

The builders construct many homes that feature energy-efficient roofs, and the durable roofs can consistently reflect sunlight. According to several reports, the cutting-edge roofs could reduce energy costs by approximately 20 percent. Moreover, the innovative roofs can significantly increase the durability of the shingles, and the roofs could easily withstand fast-moving winds, high temperatures and heavy rain.

Examining the Cutting-Edge Technology

When the builders design the new Babcock Ranch homes, the experts add innovative cables that can substantially improve the efficiency of Wi-Fi, increase processing speed and reduce downtime. The builders also install charging stations that are compatible with electric vehicles. Once a resident uses the cutting-edge equipment, the Babcock Ranch homeowner can charge an electric vehicle within five hours.

The community contains equipment that can quickly charge mobile devices. These products feature photovoltaic panels, and the equipment contains waterproof products that could simultaneously charge multiple smartphones.

Utilizing Solar Power at Babcock Ranch

The builders also install photovoltaic panels that can consistently generate electricity, and the solar powered city provides innovative batteries that store the electricity. 

Several reports have indicated that each solar panel may produce 75 megawatts of electricity. Additionally, the photovoltaic panels eliminate carbon emissions, reduce energy costs and improve the quality of the air.

Enjoying Many Activities

If you follow local trails, you can explore the surrounding forests, observe multiple types of animals and visit nearby parks. Babcock Ranch also contains a sizable lake, and many residents frequently enjoy kayaking, fishing and swimming.

Babcock Ranch is an ecological marvel. The community has created a garden that features delicious vegetables, many fruits and several herbs. Some Babcock Ranch residents have also planted trees that are situated near the garden. The area has excellent soil that contains many nutrients, extra moisture and numerous types of minerals.

Improving Fitness 

Babcock Ranch contains Lee Health, a fitness and wellness center that features basketball courts, tennis courts, several types of equipment and a large pool. The fitness center also provides multiple classes, and the residents can enjoy yoga, Pilates and hypnotherapy. Generally, the workouts can significantly improve strength, increase agility, reduce body fat and enhance well-being.

Optimizing Well-Being

The Lee Health gym has also hired specialists who can provide massages. Multiple reports have indicated that massages can substantially reduce anxiety, and typically, the massages may relax the muscles, increase strength, improve flexibility and reduce the risk of injuries. When a person receives a massage, the brain could also release extra endorphins, which can improve well-being. Usually, the endorphins could reduce chronic pain, increase attentiveness and stimulate neurogenesis.

Rx Primary Care

Lee Health also provides medical care where Babcock Ranch residents and the surrounding area can meet with a primary care physician to stay healthy and maintain preventative care against serious illness.

Managing Several Types of Events

Babcock Ranch frequently organizes many types of events like Food Truck Friday and a Spring art fair. Residents can enjoy delicious foods, visit nearby parks and support local businesses. When you attend a Babcock Ranch event, you can also meet residents who share similar interests. The Homeowners Association in the community spearheads events and will ramp up activities even more, as the community grows. If you have questions on the HOA or community, it is advisable to get in touch with a realtor who lives in “the Bubble” and has a direct pulse on the Babcock Ranch community.

Eat & Drink Healthy

Many residents frequently visit the nearby Slater’s Good & Provisions. This market primarily sells healthy foods that contain organic ingredients. Slater’s offers vegetables, fruits, fresh bread and custom meals. Before you visit, you can view their menu, evaluate the prices of many products and contact the local waterfront restaurant The Lakehouse Kitchen & Bar at Babcock Ranch. At this local hotspot, you can enjoy a drink, listen to local music and chill on the tropical vibe of Southwest Florida.

The community also features Cup A Joe, a coffee shop in the Babcock Ranch Discovery Center. Guests can purchase delicious tea, many types of coffee and an espresso.  

Evaluating the School

The community contains Babcock Neighborhood School (BNS), a well-known K-8 public charter school that provides cutting-edge classes, up-to-date lessons and innovative technology. BNS frequently manages numerous events and provides extracurricular activities that can increase fitness, enhance well-being and improve social relationships.

The school offers educational programs that examine the benefits of sustainability, and some classes evaluate solar power, wind power and hydroelectric energy. The students can also study the effects of carbon emissions, or the pupils could choose classes that examine climate change, numerous types of greenhouse gases and the effects of chlorofluorocarbons.  

Installing a Mobile Application & Receiving Many Updates

Babcock Ranch provides a mobile application that offers important news and other vital information. Once you download the mobile application, residents can view available houses, contact managers, examine numerous amenities and evaluate dining options like Slater’s. The Babcock Ranch app also offers detailed guidelines that describe the benefits of solar power.

Viewing an Interactive Map

Babcock Ranch has created a virtual map that can help visitors to evaluate the solar powered city. Once you view the map, you can easily locate the fitness center, the local garden, the sizable lake and a nearby park. You can also examine the location of each neighborhood as well as find local trails that are situated near wetlands.

Finding a Perfect Home

If you are searching for a new home, you can contact a real estate agent who has guided numbers of buyers and sellers through the process. This expert can describe the houses that are located in the Babcock Ranch community, help you schedule a tour, evaluate amenities, examine the layout of each home and compare different properties. 

Get in Touch With a Local Babcock Ranch Realtor

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